eMDA! or Emergency Medical Details Alert is something you should never leave home without.

A credit card size USB device which holds all your emergency contact details, medical history and medications you may be using, which would be of immense value in the event of an accident or illness while you are away from home.

Your emergency and medical details can be entered on the provided PDF form with editable fields. You determine how much information you want to include on this form.

The eMDA! is of sufficient size to also accommodate any other information you may wish to store while traveling, for example, a copy of your Passport, travel documents, itinerary and anything else you may need during an emergency.

eMDA! is robustly made to withstand the wear and tear of living inside your wallet or purse.

No one should leave home without it, particularly if you have a disorder where the use of certain emergency treatments or medications can be harmful to your well-being. For example, there are several forms of Muscular Dystrophy where the application of anaesthesia can be life threatening.

Affordably priced at $24.95 including p&h every member of your family should have one.

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